Now Playing Tracks’s Guide to Safely Meeting an Online Romance for the First Time

Something we see here at all the time is the difficulty people have with moving from the online chat and emails to actually meeting. It can be hard to take that leap, but fear not because we are here to help. No matter what site you use to date, these tips can help you move on to a real date and be safe doing it.

It is very easy to enter into a comfort zone with a prospective love interest online. That comfort sometimes causes you to never meet. The pressure and fear of the initial meeting will build with every day that passes after initial contact. While some people can manage to have a wonderful online relationship for a lengthy period of time, inevitably most of these long-term Internet relationships will peter out as real life intrudes. There are three things to keep in mind when attempting to find love online.

1. Don’t get stuck sharing everything online

You are attempting to find a date online. Now, your companionship goal may vary from casual fun to long term commitment but the immediate goal is to actually meet someone and have a real world experience with them. You may not have as much to talk about offline if you share so much online. If you are simply seeking fun friends from around the world, sharing a lot of information is great. If you want to date someone, have a sense of mystery about yourself. Save some of your juicier details for a real date.

2. Purchase a webcam

Learn to love the live chat programs on or use Skype. Just make sure you see the person before meeting them. This is the final vetting process before meeting in real life. If you meet a really interesting person online and they cannot use a webcam you are essentially going on a blind date no matter how much time you have spent chatting with your potential love interest.  After you have spent a few minutes, to a few hours, chatting through messengers ask to speak to them on BeNaughty, Skype or something similar so that you can view each other through webcam. This will solve the issue of whether or not they are using old photos and will give you a better idea of what to expect if you should actually meet up.

3. Be safe, keep your private info private

Wait until after you have spoken to them on webcam before sharing sensitive information like a phone number, twitter handles or friending them on Facebook.  Only give out such information to people you are sure you want to meet. Do you really want some random, potentially dangerous, person you barely know to have unlimited access to your phone and social world?

The three key components of securing a date online are important measures for vetting potential dates. However, there are few ways to help the process along. You have to provide reasons for people to be interested while holding back enough information to both protect yourself and to garner their initial interest.

What’s important in your profile

The first thing to consider is that, “A picture says a thousand words.” may be a cliché saying but it is accurate to a degree. A small selection of tasteful photos can be greatly beneficial when it comes to obtaining new dates. Three to five photos that show you clearly and in different locations are all you need. Make one photo a close up of your face, be sure to smile. Make another photo a full body shot, please wear the best clothes you have. The third, or last three, shots can be anything as long as you are shown clearly. Remember, these photos are about you. Try to avoid having other people in your photos as they can be deterrents or distracting to potential dates. Different clothes, different locations, and at least one smiling close-up are what you need.

If you use a dating site fill out only what you personally deem to be absolutely necessary. Most people focus on a handful of things like a photo and your short “about me” blurb anyway. Things like whether you have kids, and your dating preferences are appropriate. Information about where you live should be kept to an absolute minimum, as should further contact information.

Good luck, have fun and be safe everyone!

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